Starting to see a pattern?

By seamlessly blending different colors in the plank & patterns, the Mykonos® Series creates a strikingly beautiful effect. This series maintains the structural advantages of an engineered product without sacrificing the look and feel of solid hardwood flooring. The core layers are designed for increased dimensional stability while the outer surface layer adds beauty and authenticity. This product features a unique ultra-matte Perma Finish coating for enhanced looks and durability. The micro-beveled edges and ends also enhance the authentic appearance of this product. Customers choose the Mykonos Series because it blends a unique look with exceptional versatility.

Mykonos® Kalafati

Mykonos® Tourlos

Mykonos® Chora

Mykonos® Ano Mera

Mykonos® Ornos

Mykonos® Klouvas

The Perfect Floor

The Mykonos Series is one of the most versatile hardwood floors on the market. Not only can the pattern-cut flooring be laid in a myriad of different patterns, but any of the colors in the series can be mixed as well to create a truly unique look. In addition, Mykonos is also available in more traditional planks ranging from 1-6 feet. These planks can be combined with the pattern cuts to create the perfect floor for any room. Are you in the market for a truly special floor? Check out some of these pattern ideas.

Pattern: Block

Pattern: Braided

Pattern: Double Border & Block

Pattern: Marie Antoinette

Pattern: Simple Plank

Pattern: Herringbone

Pattern: Double Herringbone

Pattern: Brick

Interested in a Sample?

We know that it is difficult to be sure of what you are getting when you order online. That is why we offer our customers 3 FREE samples. The process is super easy. Just click the Get Samples button, choose which three samples you wish to receive, and place your order. Samples typically ship out of our facility within 48 hours of the order being placed. Interested in checking out Mykonos in person? Click the button and get a few pieces into your hands!

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to get fancy with the new Mykonos Series to take advantage of it’s beauty. It is also available in standard length, tongue-and-groove planks like any other hardwood floor. Even in its simplest form, Mykonos is a stand-out option. 6″ wide French White Oak planks finished with an ultra-matte low gloss finish make for a floor that will make anyone jealous. A 3/4″ thick engineered plank with a 3mm wear layer offers superior resilience to make your beautiful floor last.

Kalafati Plank

Tourlos Plank

Chora Plank

Ano Mera Plank

Ornos Plank

Klouvas Plank

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